Plesh Creative Group was founded in 1986 by Jim Plesh who recognized a need in the

social expression industry for expert, creative talent to service smaller publishers requiring a

superior product to effectively compete with the larger formidable companies. Today PCG

is recognized as one of the leading design firms in the industry. Offering creative services from consulting to creation, concept to completion, PCG continues to place emphasis on the highest standards of quality and creativity.

The artists, writers and photographers of PCG are among the best in the social expression, gift and stationery industries.  Many are accomplished fine artists while others are established, professional graphic designers, cartoonists and photographers.  The talented editorial group are comprised of successful poets, writers and authors.  The extremely high standards of PCG require the finest of creative types.  From innovators to expert craftsmen, the PCG members are a very select and special group.

Jim Plesh, has a long and distinguished career in the social expression industry.  A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he studied at Cleveland Art Institute and Cooper School of Art.  Starting his career at American Greetings, Jim worked for three major publishers as Vice President / Creative Director, before founding PCGI.  His ability to communicate and work with both creative and management types contributed to his success in the building of creative organizations and development of outstanding products.  A visionary, Jim is responsible for many innovations in the industry and nurturing of creative talent, as well as author of many unique and successful creative properties.  He has traveled internationally to England, Australia, Japan, France and Canada consulting in the development and streamlining of creative operations.  Through all of his creative management career, Jim has continued to pursue his love of painting and photography.  His art and photography have been exhibited in select galleries and are now featured at The Gallery on Park Street. His works are found in many private and corporate collections.

Scott Plesh,  Creative Director of PCG, attended Vesper George School of Art and is a graduate of the Boston Art Institute.  He is co-founder of Franklin Sign & Design, Franklin, MA.  Scott joined PCGI in 1995 and, since then, has been a leading force in the growth and development of PCG.  An accomplished artist, and one of the leading designers in the social expression industry, he works closely with the PCG artists in the development of exciting and innovative product images.  The award-winning Cappuccino and Rep-Artee’ lines are the result of his innovations and demanding creative standards. In recent years Scott has assumed a greater leadership role in the continued growth of the Plesh Creative Group.

Suzanne Comeau, Administration and Services Coordinator, joined PCG in 1999.  A graduate of Bentley College with a degree in Business Management, she found herself interested in creative structured companies.  Prior to joining PCG, Suzanne was Business Manager of The Children’s Discovery Museum and Administrator of the public relations firm Courtney Communications.  Suzanne’s organizational skills and dedication to detail contribute to the efficient and smooth operation of PCG.  Suzanne works closely with the creative personnel on scheduling, project communications and coordination, as well as handling all general office and administrative matters.


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